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Under the Sea

Under the Sea (old VHS)

Under the Sea (DVD)

Under the Sea (new VHS)

Spike and Ink at the Puppet Museum

     Spike and Ink were built at the puppet workshop of The Olde World Puppet Theatre, as well as Hermit, the Hermit Crab. The workshop even performed several of the characters in the movie. Spike is a rod puppet about 18 inches in diameter, with a moving mouth and the ability to puff up like a real puffer fish. Ink, the Octopus is the biggest puppet the workshop ever built. He's operated by up to 10 puppeteers, with one sitting inside. When fully operational, Ink measures 12 feet across with all of his tentacles extended. His eyes are robotic, with a puppeteer able to both blink them and move them left and right. His mouth was cable-operated with another puppeteer working those controls.


The Wee Singer is a memorabilia website for fans of the Wee Sing video series, of which the creators are Susan Nipp and Pamela Beall. The site isn't here to infringe upon any copyrights or break any laws, it's here strictly for Wee Singers to release their inner child and remember the good times that these movies brought. Trouble here you will find not; if you have any concerns you can contact