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FYI, there have been issues editing the guestbook page and currently all the text is set to black with a black background :( I'm still trying to figure out how to fix this, but for now, to view comments you will need to highlight the text (ugh!)


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Wee Singers in the past have commented during the reign of the old fan site:

     "Sweet site! Thanks for messaging me on Rotten Tomatoes! Wee Sing rules! My sister and I have watched them since we were little and now, at 14 and 18, respectively, we still watch them-Wee Sing forever."
     -Dutch Girl Oct 12, 2004
      "This site is amazing! I grew up on Wee Sing in Sillyville...I used to dress up like Silly Whim just to watch the tape!!! Thank you!!!"
     -Poet of Midnight Oct 20, 2004
     "I was first introduced to Sillyville when my younger cousins loved the movie.  Despite being old for it at the time, there was just something about it that made it soo much better than other kids movies.  Now I am 22 and want to buy the DVD.  I bring Sillyville up in regular conversation and occasionally break out doing lines from the movie.  It's kinda a joke among my friends but i think they think i am kidding..."
     -Sillyville is to DIE for Dec 17, 2004
     "I love this site! At 21 I still will watch Sillyville, except I am only 13. But my favorite thing is the song "let's sing together." Love the site. Maybe u could get the songs on the sigte sometime, if u do email me at please."
Love Courtney Howell
     -Make New Friends 13
Jan 11, 2005
      "When I was younger, I watched Sillyville so many times, that I am suprised that it was never broken. :) Now, I know this may not be the correct place, but I couldn't think of anywhere else... but... in the song "Be Kind to Your Web-Footed Friends" what animal was it that they were talking about? My sister and I have been racking our brains, and couldn't figure it out. Thanks for this great site!"
     -Sarah the Closet Fan Apr 8, 2005
     "Hey everyone! I'm  about 12 and I still love Wee Sing!! I use to have soo many, now I'm getting some on dvd! They are just so cool."
-xoxo pb Aug 18, 2005
-TASSIA! Sep 7, 2005
      "pb again, I got the Wee Sing Train, Wee Sing Together, and Sillyville on dvd now! I haven't watched the Sillyville one in forever! Miss it soo much..ttyl"
     -xoxo pb Sep 11, 2005



     The Anonymous Wee Singer is not the creator of Wee Sing; The Wee Singer is a memorabilia website for the Wee Sing video series, of which the creators are Susan Nipp and Pamela Beall. The site isn't here to infringe upon any copyrights or break any laws, it's here strictly for Wee Singers to release their inner child and remember the good times that these movies brought. Trouble here you will find not; if you have any concerns you can contact the Anonymous Wee Singer at