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The Marvelous Musical Mansion

The Marvelous Musical Mansion (old VHS)

The Marvelous Musical Mansion (DVD)

The Marvelous Musical Mansion (new VHS)

Nina Ballerina school project

Nina Ballerina icon

A Nina Ballerina school project and animated computer icon :)

When the kids first enter the parlor, the gongfather clock's pendulum in the background stops moving, yet the "tick tock" sound effect can still be heard.
The chairs in the Doodle Det Quintet are the same ones used in the dining room.
Ruben and Rachael are both played by the same people who play Uncle Rubato and Aunty Annabella.
At the very end during "Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In," everything in the entire house is alive and playing, except for the C scale in the dining room. 

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