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Welcome to the Wee Singer, the Wee Sing
 Memorabilia and Fan Site :)


The Wee Sing Video Series is a collection of live action musical videos for children that started in 1985 and ended in 1996. Created by Susan Nipp and Pamela Beall, many of the videos contained colorful characters and memorable storylines that included values such as overcoming challenges or being young at heart (Wikipedia).

Rather unexpectedly, sometimes people have connections to their past that suddenly get sparked several years later, and to their pleasant surprise, they open a long forgotten door where a gateway to the world of a seemingly past existance is rediscovered.

Does this jog your memory?

The people who watched the Wee Sing series as kids often have a very ardent connection to the series- something about the memorable characters, the storylines, sets, colors, costumes, and most importantly, the way popular children's songs were arranged in these movies- the spellbinding, captivating harmonic arrangements to the most common and simplistic songs of our youth- seemed to catch onto people in ways no other children's series has been known to do. The songs are catchy and performed in ways that aren't annoying and don't ever get on your nerves, and the stories remain epic even years later. Somehow, all of these aspects magically formed together in a perfect creation and presented themselves majestically to our television screens. You don't get many people who pine over Barney or Sesame Street in the way the Wee Sing series stuck with our souls.

Come read the guestbook and you'll see just how many *Wee Singers* are out there- the people who have grown and  but still hold fast to these movies and remember some of the most favorite moments of their childhood. And to your pleasant surprise, here you can connect and unite with those of us lucky bunch who share a similar love and value of the series that so touched our lives. I'll bet you would have never expected it! Click on a movie, take a look around, and just have fun! You're in for a wild ride back in time.

Don't forget to sign the guestbook and keep coming back for updates :)



The Wee Singer has a NEW Facebook page! Be sure to "Like" us at ... even more ways to comment on and upload your own pictures (including fan art) and really connect with other Wee Singers! :) Also, check out the new HD versions of Wee Sing Trailers for each of your favorite Wee Sing movies below...

Wee Sing Together

King Cole's Party

Grandpa's Magical Toys

Wee Sing in Sillyville


The Best Christmas Ever!

The Big Rock Candy Mountains

The Marvelous Musical Mansion

The Wee Sing Train

Under the Sea


The Wee Singer is a memorabilia website for fans of the Wee Sing video series, of which the creators are Susan Nipp and Pamela Beall. The site isn't here to infringe upon any copyrights or break any laws, it's here strictly for Wee Singers to release their inner child and remember the good times that these movies brought. Trouble here you will find not; if you have any concerns you can contact